Information and Educational Meetings

Project also assumes some measures to raise ecological awareness of local community and decision makers concerning prevention of diffuse pollution of agricultural origin. For this purpose public meetings for inhabitants, educational activities for school children and youth and training for specialists, decision makers and teachers have been planned.


Educational materials

Educational materials in the form of lesson scenarios, including multimedia presentations, were developed under EKOROB Project.

The educational materials developed by Ms. Marta Jermaczek-Sitak were consulted by teachers during a specialist training for nature and biology teachers, which was held on 21-22 October 2014 in Smardzewice. The teachers also shared their opinions on the materials.

The educational package is composed of scenarios in Polish, which are available under the following link:

Teachers and pupils of elementary and lower secondary schools were also invited to take part in a photo coverage competition ‘Buffer zones for reducing diffuse pollution in school education’, which involved preparing a presentation to illustrate classes delivered based on the scenarios proposed under the EKOROB Project Educational Package.

The following results were granted based on the presentations received in response to this competition.

The following results were granted under the Lower Secondary School Category

1st place ex aequo:

  • Pupils of year 2b of J. Kochanowski Lower Secondary School in Rzeczyca, under the care of Ms. Ewa Sputowska and Emilia Gwizdoń; 
  • Pupils of the Ecology Club of Tomaszowskich Olimpijczykow Lower Secondary School in Tomaszow Mazowiecki No. 4, under the care of Ms. Danuta Chojnacka 

The following awards were granted under the Elementary School Pupils years 4-6 Category:

1st place ex aequo:

  • Pupils of year 6b of Elementary School No. 3 in Opoczno under the care of Ms. Renata Zielinska; 
  • Members of the Nature Club of the Elementary and Nursery School Complex in Smardzewice, under the care of Ms. Katarzyna Jakubowska; 

2nd place:

  • Members of the Nature Club of Emilii Plater Elementary School No. 8 in Piotrkow Trybunalski,  under the care of Ms. Aleksandra Pycinska; 

3rd place:

  • Pupils of year 4 of Tomek the First Christian Elementary School in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, under the care of Ms. Alicja Zwolak-Plichta; 

A special distinction was awarded to pupils of year 6 of St. Hubertus Elementary School in Komorow, under the care of Ms. Monika Żerek. 

Our special thanks go to:

  • Pupils of year 4c of Elementary School No. 10 in Piotrkow Trybunalski, under the care of Ms. Anetta Cygan; 
  • Pupils of year 4c of Jana Pawła II Elementary School in Sulejow, under the care of Ms. Dominika Magiera. 

We would like to thank warmly again all the Pupils and Teachers for taking part in this event!

Thank you very much for your contributions and involvement. We believe that classes delivered in this form were interesting to both Pupils and Teachers, and provided an interesting method to get familiar with such important subjects as the environmental protection and taking care of water quality.